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An Introduction to Me

I began my journey understanding and exploring energy medicine form the age of 18 when my Grandmother gave me a Reiki workshop for my 18th.


I always knew I wanted to help people and after a gap year from school began my studies in social work, then moving to youth work. I am passionate about the leaders of our future (and I still am) and felt it was important to develop skills in this field. While I was studying at university someone placed a Pranic Healing pamphlet in my hands. I sat the Fundamentals to Pranic Healing workshop and that truly set the course for my life.



I realised that I did desire to help others and in doing that I must first help myself! I carried on through with the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui also applying the techniques to myself. My understanding of the subtle energies that surround us deepened as did my desire to assist others. I realised that my path providing support and assisting people experiencing challenges or difficulties did not lie in becoming a youth worker but rather as an energy medicine practitioner.


At the age of 22 I began my journey as an energy medicine practitioner. I built up a clientele base in Perth. In 2000 I acted on the pull to live in the country and moved down to Margaret River. Here I continued my one pointed focus on integrating the personal teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and set up regular meditation nights as well as becoming a Fundamental Pranic Healing teacher.


Travel and self exploration moved me away from Margaret River until 2009 when I again found myself led to further training in the field of energy medicine. This time it was through Melaney Ryan and ITA Integrated Therapeutic Alignment. Melaney’s insight and comprehensive understanding of the energy systems has given me techniques that further enhance the learnings I received through Pranic Healing. I spent four years training comprehensively with the techniques of ITA and this reignited my passion to assist humankind.


ITA works with sequenced patterns of energy sending specific messages to the subconscious mind bringing about balance and alignment. ITA gives me greater insight into the intricacies of stored cellular memory, vortices, spinal reflex points, meridians, core belief patterns and conditioning. The techniques of ITA allow me to help prevent illness and to assist you through the tests/challenges and lifecycles of life faster, resulting in clarity on life’s purpose, an inner peace that is long lasting and deep self-realisations.


I now feel it is the time to truly step forward in the wisdom that is me. There are real changes happening within and around us. It is time to stand in all of who we are, no longer dimmed by past conditioning or old belief systems, rather in love light and our innate knowing.


‘The way is not in the sky,

The way is in the heart’


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