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One Herd - Equine Facilitated Learning

Empower. Inspire. Connect


Through the authentic connection that happens with a horse, individuals develop respect, trust and a true sense of empowerment. In the space of the horse, there is no judgement, there is no past and future only the present moment. What we think, feel and act in that moment the horse responds to immediately. This provides a great space for learning in a safe way who we are responsible for. This then transfers through into the human world.


Suitable for all ages, carefully designed interactive exercises are employed to create connection, safe boundaries, being present and aware within our physical bodies.

I welcome you to come and meet my two horses, allow yourself to move beyond the human constraints of time and immerse yourself in the moment as horses do where infinite power, grace, wisdom and love show you new ways of relating within your life.



Being powerful together – one herd

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