One Herd - Equine Facilitated Learning

Empower. Inspire. Connect


Through the authentic connection that happens with a horse, individuals develop respect, trust and a true sense of empowerment. In the space of the horse, there is no judgement, there is no past and future only the present moment. What we think, feel and act in that moment the horse responds to immediately. This provides a great space for learning in a safe way who we are responsible for. This then transfers through into the human world.


As individuals learn about working with the horses, awareness of their relationship with self and others develops. A deeper understanding of how horses communicate and the herd dynamic provides insights into interpersonal relationships and heart based communication  

 One Herd supports participants in their individual needs for learning and goal setting in a mindful way. Suitable for all ages, carefully designed interactive exercises are employed to create connection, safe boundaries, being present and aware within our physical bodies.

Areas Equine Facilitated Learning can assist in:

  • Anger management

  • Unhealthy relationship boundaries

  • Calming and grounding techniques

  • Drug/Alcohol issues

  • Personal empowerment and self esteem

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Team building

  • Grief/loss

  • Individuals affected through bullying


Goals and outcomes from working with Equine Facilitated Learning:

  • learn respect for another living being and in return respect for themselves

  • being present and connected in the body

  • increased self-esteem and confidence

  • grounding and calming techniques that assist in coping strategies/skills for everyday life

  • personal boundaries developed and strengthened

  • development of social skills and interrelationship to others

  • increased understanding of action- consequence effect

  • increased ability to problem solve and become solution focused

  • anger and stress management


I welcome you to come and meet my two horses, allow yourself to move beyond the human constraints of time and immerse yourself in the moment as horses do where infinite power, grace, wisdom and love show you new ways of relating within your life.



Being powerful together – one herd


Introducing My Horses



Deep wise gentleman

I may appear a bit aloof, but really, I am a big softy and just like my personal space. I have a good story to the start of my life which has made me strong and resilient. I am fast and like to show off when the girls are around and strut my stuff. I love to play and do like to stick my nose into everything. I can teach you a lot about the energy that makes up life.




Gentle cheeky Earth boy

I have a big heart that I like to share generously with all who cross my path. Like Forest my beginnings to life were interesting. I was created in a petri dish for great things on the polocrosse field, however, at 18 months old I injured myself making me no longer ‘useful’ so was given up. I am really glad I did that because instead of running around a field playing polocrosse, I can now hang with my buddy Forest and you. Come and meet me – I’ll be the first to the gate!


One Herd Equine Facilitated Learning - $90 hr


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